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S1:E10 – The Apprentice Season Finale!

The Apprentice Season Finale, from an apprentice without minimal programming skills and knowledge to being offered full time employment after my apprenticeship. You guessed it, in the season finale I am going to be telling you the process of being accepted from an apprentice to being offered a full time role and the choices I had to make with if I wanted to continue education or start working full time. 

S1:E9 Programming University Vs Apprenticeship

In society, especially in England, university is the normal and if I’m honest with you, a vast amount of students in the UK go to university compared to not going. So far in this season I have been completely upfront and honest to my readers about my experience as a programming apprentice. This includes all the pros, cons, things I’ve enjoyed, not enjoyed and times I have messed up a little. Anyway, with all this in mind and university being the preferred choice I thought it was about time I did a post comparing the pros and cons of university.

S1:E8 My programming apprenticeship award – Highly Commended

towards the end of my apprenticeship I was nominated into a government scheme called National Apprenticeship Awards where I made it pretty far throughout the stages. If you work for IBM, you will come into this story shortly so keep reading. There are a couple of stages of the National Apprenticeship wards which is battling for the regional title, then all the winners from the regional go through to the national finals.