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S1:E8 My programming apprenticeship award – Highly Commended

I have spoken a lot about my apprenticeship in this season, well the season is called “The Apprentice” so guess that makes sense. However, towards the end of my apprenticeship I was nominated into a government scheme called National Apprenticeship Awards where I made it pretty far throughout the stages. If you work for IBM, you will come into this story shortly so keep reading. There are a couple of stages of the National Apprenticeship awards which is battling for the regional title, then all the winners from the regional go through to the national finals.

Anyway, the first stage is to fill in a load of paper work which is not very exciting but you give an introduction about yourself, what you do at your work and what makes you stand out. In addition, you have to get a close up mug shot which I will not be displaying here and send that off with the application form. If successful you get written to from the award body and then there is a review stage of work provided by your apprenticeship provider which in this case, was my college at the time.

As you may have guessed I made it through the initial stages and was invited to the regional finals. In the regional finals I was up against 2 other people, one of those people was a girl who was an apprentice at IBM.

So let me set the scene, at this stage of my career I am in a small company of around 10 employees, now imagine the size of IBM. Who wants to guess how many employees they have? I’ll leave that guess to you. Anyway, after a long process in the evening of awards and speech’s from public speakers, they get to the section I am entered in. The nerves start to kick in now, they put on the screen my mug shot, my work and a little bit about me with someone narrating. The tension is building when they narrator announces “And The winner of the region is..”

Blah Blah Blah From IBM! Ah come on? However, even though I did not come first I cam second and received the Highly Commended Regional Award for National Apprenticeships which is a hell of an achievement for me! Put it in perspective, I may not have beat IBM, but I came runners up next to IBM from a small little company based just outside London. Throughout my career, I’m always going to take that award with me and never forget.

The reason I am going to never forget is because I never got it easy, I had to work incredibly hard and use my initiative to make sure I progressed and achieved. Don’t get me wrong, throughout my apprenticeship I made lots of mistakes which I will discuss in the next episode.

Also, just so you can have a look at my cheesy grin when receiving my award, see the cover photo of me. (Yep, me in the middle).

Until Next Time


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My name is Andrew, passion for anything technical and fast. I am a software developer from London quick background check I started as an apprentice desktop developer and 5 years later and 2 jobs later i am now a desktop, web and mobile app developer working for a company just outside of London.

My passions is obvious and i love to share and talk about it which is why i am starting developer diaries, a spin off from my popular world of programmers page with over 100,000 fans world wide.

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