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S1:E10 – The Apprentice Season Finale!

The Apprentice Season Finale, from an apprentice without minimal programming skills and knowledge to being offered full time employment after my apprenticeship. You guessed it, in the season finale I am going to be telling you the process of being accepted from an apprentice to being offered a full time role and the choices I had to make with if I wanted to continue education or start working full time.

In all my previous articles I have explained the whole process I have been through to get to this stage, so I wont be mentioning much on the previous stages. However, throughout my apprenticeship, I had to also take some tests to ensure I am covering all aspects of the programming apprenticeship. For example, displaying certain aspects of coding in my work. As I was using C# .Net I had to demonstrate I was using the OOP principles (Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation). As you can guess, I passed all the units needed for the apprenticeship and was rewarded with a Higher National Apprenticeship award officially stating I passed.

After passing my apprenticeship I had a meeting with my employer to discuss the potential future I may be looking for, but also what the company may be looking for. After the meeting it was clear I had two scenarios to choose from which would take two my life and career down different routes. The first option was continue my education, say thank you for the apprenticeship and have the option to head off to university from my college course. The second choice I had was to finish my education and start working with the company full time as a Junior C# Developer. From the meeting, my current employer at the time was incredible happy with the work I had done and wanted me to continue employment with them.

So, do I pack in working for a software development company and essential continue education into a university course or do I say goodbye to education and start working full time as a Junior C# Developer. Firstly, before you read any further, comment below what you would have done so we can see different peoples opinions. For me personally, It was an easy choice, I asked my self “Why would I want to go to university to get further education just to then apply for a software development company, when I can start working with a software development company straight away?” My foot is in the door, let me kick that door open and become what I’ve been working towards in my apprenticeship. As you can imagine, i ended my education there, Collected my HNC and HND in computing as well as my apprenticeship award and started working full time.

So that is the end of season one and I hope you have enjoyed the season. I will be working on season 2 shortly so if you have any ideas or things you want to know, just comment them or get in touch on the contact us section. I am also continuously also looking for feedback, so I would appreciate any sort of feedback good or bad. Make sure you follow all the socials as well on the top of the navigation bar and sign up to our newsletter in the widget to receive updates of new post..

Until Next Season


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My name is Andrew, passion for anything technical and fast. I am a software developer from London quick background check I started as an apprentice desktop developer and 5 years later and 2 jobs later i am now a desktop, web and mobile app developer working for a company just outside of London.

My passions is obvious and i love to share and talk about it which is why i am starting developer diaries, a spin off from my popular world of programmers page with over 100,000 fans world wide.

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