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S2:E1 – Junior Dev, Big City Introduction

Welcome to Season 2 – Junior Developer, Big City, continuing on with my journey straight out of my apprenticeship, finishing my education at a college level (HND computing) and taking my role hands on as a junior developer in my Big City, London. I am now 21 years of age and the idea of finishing education and taking on the real world was exciting, I have just received my certificate for a decent qualification, my apprenticeship and to top it all, the software development company I did my apprenticeship with, has offered me a full time job. Can you imagine how excited and enthusiastic I was?

So Junior Developer, Big City! You got it this is the continuation of my journey and in this series I have just as much to talk about. In this series I will be talking about different parts of my career as a junior developer and tackling development tasks such as, Learning VoIP, Screen Share, Remote Control, Ticketing systems and so much more. I will also be talking about my experience on leading a small team of apprentice developers, different resources I relied on, books I purchased and so much more.

There really is a lot to talk about in this series and again, I am going to try keep it within 10 episodes for the season. However, to sum the season up it is my experience of working as a junior developer within London and all of the challenges I faced as well as all the different good experiences I have had.

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My name is Andrew, passion for anything technical and fast. I am a software developer from London quick background check I started as an apprentice desktop developer and 5 years later and 2 jobs later i am now a desktop, web and mobile app developer working for a company just outside of London.

My passions is obvious and i love to share and talk about it which is why i am starting developer diaries, a spin off from my popular world of programmers page with over 100,000 fans world wide.

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